Training Policies

Training Policy has been formulated such that all the officers/employees may get training continuously during their service period. So the knowledge and skill of the officer/employees may be upgraded. Following points are covered :-

  • All Class-I and II Govt. Officers are required to undergo training of at least 3 days in block of two years.
  • This training could be for 1 day and two days thus total 3 days or continuous 3 days training.
  • As per the training policy, the training shall be in top training institute like SPIPA or any other institute relevant to his job profile or top training institute at the country of in abroad.
  • Govt. officers/employees get exposure to current best practices, continuous training is provided and financial problems do not arise for training. It has been provided vide G.R dated 30-9-2004 of G.A.D. by Administrative Department of Secretariat and H.O.D to make provision of 0.2 % of the amount of their control to meet the expenses of training of their officers/employees.
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