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A good number of Gujaratis have traditionally gone abroad and have settled there permanently. They have acquired wealth as well as knowledge and skills about the latest developments all over the world. They are keen to use their knowledge, skills as well as wealth for the betterment of their homeland. Although, the NRIs made certain efforts on their own initiative in the fields of development, education and investment in Gujarat, there was no formal and organized link between the NRIs and the Government of Gujarat.

The need for such a link was keenly felt by the Government. Such a link should be on a permanent basis and, hence. it was felt that there should be a Division/Cell to start with. This division/cell will receive requests/proposals and ideas from the NRIs. It will be promptly looked into by the Government. Necessary follow-up steps will have to be taken. Since speedy and coordinated approach is of paramount importance to deal with this matter, it was decided that there should be an NRIs Division under the General Administration Department of the Government. .

Objectives of the NRI Division

  • To establish effective communication with Non Resident Indians of Gujarati origin in various parts of the world, prepare and maintain a comprehensive database about NRIs of Gujarati origin.
  • To study from time to time social and cultural issues of NRIs of Gujarati origin and take steps to formulate schemes for meeting their requirements.
  • To take effective steps to survey and assess the technical and professional skills of NRIs and to dovetail the same in the developmental efforts of the State.
  • To create a database on NRGs (Non Resident Gujaratis), highlighting the professional areas of interest.
  • To enable Government of Gujarat and its agencies to communicate with NRGs with relevant interest.
  • To facilitate Government of Gujarat to initiate steps to address specific needs of NRGs in different fields.
  • To tap the technological, managerial and financial resources of the NRI so as to upgrade the technical and professional skills and the human resources of the State, for the economic and industrial development of the State.
  • To channelize the savings and surplus financial resources of the NRI in to the developmental efforts of the State for mutual benefits.
  • To monitor the general welfare of the NRI and in times of crisis identify specific problems of Gujarati Non Resident Indians groups and take up the same with and through Govt. of India.

Activities of NRI Division

  • To consider suggestions from Non Resident Gujaratis by personal contact or through Associations.
  • To resolve their issue by co-ordination and correspondence with relevant departments and if required in consultation with the Central/State Government.
  • To extend financial help to Gujarati Samaj outside Gujarat to build, or to extend the building.
  • To allocate grant to Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation for its project like Gujarat Card, Learning CD, and activities related to Non-Resident Gujaratis, Non-Government Organizations, etc.
  • To update the website for Government activities, legal decisions, etc.
  • To appoint Chairman and Board Members of the Foundation.
  • To sanction establishment, budget and various schemes of the Foundation.
  • To create and maintain database of Non-Resident Gujaratis and database of Samaj/Associations.
  • To participate in Pravasi Bhartiya Divas arranged by Government of India in consultation with the Industries Department.
  • To prepare Annual Schemes and Budget.

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