Chintan Shibir

Every year, Chintan Shibir is organized, so that all the members of Council of Ministers, Senior Officials of Sachivalaya, District Collectors, District Development Officers discuss important policies, agendas, as well as schemes taken by the state government in free atmosphere for three consecutive days. Emphasis and stress is given on the procedures, ways and methods by which present innovative and new plans, besides future plans of State government will be implemented.

Group discussions are organized, in reference to new agendas as well as for future agendas. These actions lead to, innovative ideas, guidelines, and guidance to achieve the required goals.
In addition to it, leading personalities are invited to give discourses, and share their experiences. By acquiring experiences, guide lines and suggestions of the renowned personalities', This leads to development of the state move in the right direction.

Wish + Stability= Determination

Determination+ Efforts= Achievement

When wishes or desire flutter a lot, it is called wave; when wish or desire is in stable mode it gives birth to determination, when there is a blend of effort in determination, it leads to success.

7th Annual Chintan Shibir PDF file that opens in a new window (4.7 MB)
Dated : 3-6 Feb, 2011 - Mehsana

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